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Water Leak Detection Cable

Signaline Water detection cable can be used to protect critical applications where equipment might be vulnerable to water ingress. Early detection of water can reduce or prevent costly downtime. It is a cost effective, reliable system which is easy to install and with up to 1km of cable per module. The flexible but tough detection cable acts as a sensor along its entire length.

Signaline WD
Water Detection Cable

Available in 3.75m, 7.5m, 15m,
30m and 100m lengths.

Signaline WDM-KM
Water Detection Monitor

Monitors up to 1,000m of
Signaline WD Detection Cable



Signaline WIB
Interposing Box

For connecting the WDM-KM to
the CB200W Control Panel

Signaline CB200W
Water Detection Panel

Dedicated Water Detection Control Panel.

Signaline WLC
Siganline Water Lead-in Cable

For connecting Signline WD Cable to
Signaline WDM-KM Water Detection Module.



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